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    Heat shrink tubing machines

    Website:www.dicoretubing.com   Date:2020-05-12

    We uploaded a video of producing heat shrink tubing on our youtube account , then we received some message to ask that where can they purchase the machine and how much it is . 

    It is the video we uploaded below .

    • It is just one step if heat shrink tubing production , Expansion .  For example , the tubing is 5mm diameter before come into the machine , it will be 10 or 15mm when it come out . Before this step , the heat shrink tubing production need some more steps . 

      1. Tubing production . We put all the materials into one machine in a certain proportion .  First machine .

      2. Irradiation , we can not expand the tubing without this step . Second machine , irradiation machine worth tens of millions RMB . 

        Expansion , the machine you can see in the vidieo . The third machine

      3. Automatic gluer , dual wall heat shrink tubing , medium wall heat shrink tubing , heavy wall heat shrink tubing will need this step . The forth machine

      4. Different heat shrink tubing need different machine model , and some machine for cutting and rolling up so machines actually more then 10 machines . 

      So please do not ask us how much the machine is , we do not know what type of heat shrink tubing you want to produce , and we do not produce the machines . In your mind , you want to produce heat shrink tubing yourself , so you can get more frofit in your business , of cause you can , if you really be a manufacture , heat shrink tubing is widely used in so many field . But , do you know the ingredients and proportion ?  You will need a r&d team , it will be huge cost , much less there are so many type of heat shrink tubing . 

      We produce heat shrink tubing for 14 years , we can provide you high quality products , technical support , service , looking forward to cooperating with you in the near future . 

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