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    Never regret to be a Chinese . 此生无悔入华夏!

    Website:www.dicoretubing.com   Date:2020-03-12

    COVID-19 in China is in the closing phase . All the patients were cured in 232 cities , the quantity of patients in 150 cities is decreasing day by day .
    The most popular word during the epidemic : Never regret to be a Chinese . 此生无悔入华夏!
    Why ? Let me tell you the reason
    Our Country is so strong , China is the most safe Country all over the world . Our Country bear all the hospitalization costs for all the patients , Hundreds of thousands of RMB for each patient , no matter he is rich or poor , officer or civilian . I think few Countries can do this, and willing to do this !
    Chinese people are so united . We know waht should we do , we can stay home for 1 month ! May be , some one will say , you are wimp . I want to say , you are not afraid of COVID , you are strong enough , how about your kids and parent ? I my opinion , you are selfish !
    Wimp ? When the COVID outbreak , more than 30 thousands of doctors and nurses volunteer to go where the outbreak is worst , Wuhan . They also afraid , but they know , our country need them . We had not enough protection suit , in order to save it , our doctors and nurses tried not to drink water every day , when they took off the suit , whole body was drenched with sweat ! Their faces were deeply scarred by masks ! Many beautiful young female doctors and nurses cutted their long hair , in order to wear protective clothing Conveniently , you know , it is as important as their lives in daily life ! All the police were outside to keep order , no matter it was Sunny , rainy even snow !
    These heroes protect all the Chinese people by their time, their health, even their lives !
    I want to say , I love you , our heroes ! I love you China !
    One more time : Never regret to be a Chinese . 此生无悔入华夏!

    Author: Gaven



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    Never regret to be a Chinese . 此生无悔入华夏!


    Never regret to be a Chinese . 此生无悔入华夏!

    Never regret to be a Chinese . 此生无悔入华夏!

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