Product Description

PVC Wire Wrapping Tape, E-Z Wrapping tape is a tough, thin elastic vinyl material which sticks to itself when wrapped in layers. It forms a compact, durable, flexible, moisture-proof covering.


Protects wire groups, splice bundles and pulp and paper insulated wire. Recommended for Foam Sealed, and Better Buried, Compound Compression closures.


RoHs Compliant
> Lead Free
> Thickness 3.0mils (0.075mm)
> Width:4”(101mm)
> Length:100’(30.5m)
> Color: Semi-transparent
> Backing: Vinyl
> Adhesive: Rubber, Self Fusing
> Usage: Wire Wrapping

Ordering Information

Standard Size:0.075mmx101mmx30.5m / 3milx4″x100′