Viton heat shrink tube ,also know as 200 degree heat shrink tubing. It has a range size from 3.2mm to 50.8mm. and it has only one color black. But it can be widely used in many fields. and the property is flexible.

Fluorine rubber viton heat shrink tube has excellent high and low temperature resistance, oil resistance and chemical reagent resistance, especially suitable for need to heat (such as a plane or a car engine or fuel tank near the electric and hydraulic system) and the need chemical solvent environment, suitable for the wire and cable insulation to protect the environment and stress relief, to protect electronic equipment from damage.

Of course,viton heat shrink tub can be used in medcine because of its flexiblity and high temperature resistance.

vition heat shrink tube has the features as below:

>Approval: UL, V W-1,
>Meet: SAE-AMS-DTL-23053/13
>Very flexible
>Excellent resistance of chemicals
>Operating temperature -55℃ to +200℃
>Minimum fully recovery temperature: 175℃
>Standard color: Black

viton heat shrink tube

viton heat shrink tube

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