One of our customers want to cover a rectangular object with our heat shrink tubing , and there is a cable above the object , they want to know how to use heat shrink tubing on rectangular objects , so we I made a teaching video , now we share the video on our website . It is 25mm heat thin wall heat shrink tubing in the video .

How to use heat shrink tubing , heat shrink tubing

How to use heat shrink tubing on rectangular objects
























A few caveats

1. Make sure the inner diameter of heat shrink tubing bigger than the  perimeter of the rectangular object .

2.Use something to attach the line to the rectangular object , before heating .

3.Keep moving the hot air gun to make the heating even , when you heating the heat shrink tubing .

4.If there are wrinkles, it is because there is no shrinkage, and you need to heat it up again .

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