Wire protection sleeve has many different types ,heat shrink series, PET expandable braided sleeve ect.

PE Heat Shrink Tubing
It is designed resistance to impact ,abrasion and excellent insulating for wire. Suit temperature -55C~125C. with 2:1  3:1 or more shrink ratio, it can suit many range sizes and irregular wire,.colors can be as marker of wire harness bundles. Besides, some heat shrink tubes has hot melt adhesive inside, so it can protect and insulate effectively.

PET Expandable Braided Sleeving
This sleeve can expandable, mainly in wire harnessing in many fields, such as industries, hose and cable protection for the automotive, heavy equipment and marine industries.

Nylon sleeving is often used to improve cosmetics of single cables, offering higher-end interconnect. This sleeves expand up to 1-1/2 times than original diameter,, this property also adds extra flexibility under strain.

Coated Fiberglass
Fiberglass sleeving is essentially a braided plastic mesh,similar to nylon. However, these are commonly found with coatings of silicone, vinyl, or acrylic, offering additional varying degrees of heat resistance.

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