Elastomeric Heat Shrink Tubing has quite a few different variations that include the size and shrink ratio. People usually want to cover wire with shrinkable tubing and wire is calculated by the awg size instead of the diameter. So sometimes it’s difficult to check which size tubing goes with the awg size wire you have. You would have to measure the wire first and then figure out what size tubing will go over it.

Heat shrink tubing is a 2:1 shrink ratio which means it can shrink 50% of its original size. So if you have 1/2 inch tubing is should shrink to about 1/4 inch. The basic, popular tubing is polyolefin material because it has the best shrinking ability. The adhesive tubing is exactly like it sounds because it has an adhesive glue on the inside of the tubing to adhere better to the wire or application you’re using it on.

The Heat Shrink Silicone Rubber Tubing won’t slip off if it doesn’t have the adhesive. It still has a very strong hold, but the adhesive will be nearly impossible to remove. When heating the shrink tubing down you should use a diameter of about 1.50 times larger than the wire. The reason is because you want to let the heat shrink tubing shrink as much as possible. If you use tubing just bigger than the wire it might crack it and if the wire is too small then the tubing might not shrink enough to grab onto the wire.

There is also Expandable Braided Sleeving which is a bit different because it doesn’t shrink. It’s used just to cover the wire and protect it from other things. It’s also used as a hose to run water through for planting purposes. This tubing and all other heat shrink tubing comes in different colors.

If you’re not sure what type you need then I suggest speaking to your vendor about it because they’ll be able to help you with all your needs. Just tell them what you’re doing and what you’d like done to receive the best help possible.