Tyco designed an new Heat Shrink Identification tubing TMS-90-SCE, it can meet the high-performance wire and cable marking needs in wide range industries, including aerospace, defence, marine, rail, mass-transit, industrial and electronics sectors.

This identification tubing is made from durable, flame-retardant, radiation-cross-linked, heat-shrinkable, homopolymer-based polyolefin,provide high mechanical strength, protection from prolonged temperature exposure and fluid resistance at high temperatures. With working temperature from -55C to +135C. It can cover a range of wire diameters with 3:1 shrink ratio.

TMS-90-SCE marker sleeve meets SAE AS81531 and MIL-STD-202, once printed, marks are permanent and remain legible even when exposed to abrasion, aggressive cleaning solvents, military fuels or oils. It also meets SAE-ASM-DTL-23053/5 class 1 standard ,UL and CSA certified. Packing in a thin,flat ‘ladder’ format(T type),and held horizontally between two hole-punched polyester strips.

DICORE supply similar heat shrink identification tubing, with 2:1 and 3:1 shrink ratio, working temperature from -55degree to 125degree. Sleeves are available in diameters from 1.6mm to 79mm. Thermal printing keeps markes permanent and legible. We can pack in roll or ‘ladder’ format(T type), just as per your request. To a large degree, our marking sleeve is alternative for Tyco marker sleeve.