135 ℃  thermal shrink tube
135 ℃ heat shrink marker sleeve is  Made from permanent, flame retarded, radiation cross-linked heat-shrinkable polyolefin.
Heat shrinkage tube is Based on polyolefin heat shrinkable tube, through special processing, make its surface adapt to three random type of printer such as pin type, heat transfer Move and laser engraving.Core value of mark tube lies in its permanent identity. “Color code stablity” decides whether thermal shrink  mark tube is one of the basic indicators better than other identification methods.It mainly based on the properties of heat shrink identification tube such as the physical and electrical properties, color code on the substrate adhesion(abrasion resistance, rub resistance or Scraping resistance ), solvent resistance, color code, and signs of aging resistance and so on.
heat shrink mark tube is generally used for wire or calbe mark and widely used in subway,public transportation,aerospace and shipbuilding industries.


105℃ high voltage heat shrink tube

High voltage heat shrink tube has three kinds of types:1KV busbar heat shrink tube ,10KV busbar heat shrink tube and 35KV busbar heat shrink tube.

Scope of application:
(1) Prevernt short circuit caused by small animals such as mice, snakes .
(2) Prevent bus bar from chemical corrosion effected by strong acid, alkali, salt, etc
(3) prevent the maintenance staff  from accidental injury by stepping into the charged area.
(4) Adapt to the development trends of switchgear miniaturization.
(5) Solve the problem about the insulation of bus ducts.


110℃ medium wall heat shrinkable tube

110 ℃ hot shrinkable tube is made of high quality polyene and the environmental protection hot melt rubber.
Range of application (1) low voltage electric wire, cable connector and terminal of the sealed insulation protection;
(2) wire, cable and various mechanical products to extrusion and abrasion resistance
(3) Marine cable seal protection;
(4) pipe anti-corrosion and close Seal;
(5) adhesive wall used in hot melt adhesive is environmental protection, products insulation sealing is reliable, applicable to have RoHS Instructions required environment;
(6) Other places need sealing protection;

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