This passage will mainly introduce the theory of heat shrink tube,which is not familiar to you.

Polymer material with temperature from low to high experiences the glass state,high elastic state.The performance of glass state is close to the plastic,high elastic state performance close to the rubber.

Heat shrinkable tube material is usually in glass state at room termperature.And after heating it is in high elastic state.

When producing, heat shrinkable tube is heated to high elastic state, applied load to make it expand.Then maintaining the expansion  and fast cool it into the glass state,this state is fixed.When heated,it will turn back to a high elastic state.and for the moment the load has not existed,it will shrink.

Simply speaking,this is just like a rubber band.When expanded to be frozen,next time it will turn back when heated.

Heat shrinkable sleeve is a kind of special polyolefin heat shrinkable casing material.

Performance: low temperature shrinkage, soft, flame retardant, anticorrosive insulation function.
Widely used in all kinds of wire, solder joints, the inductance of the insulation protection, metal pipe, good rust and corrosion protection, etc. Level of voltage 600 v.

Use: When producing, heat shrinkable tube is heated to high elastic state, applied load to make it expand. In the case of keeping expansion,rapidly cool to make it into the glassy state, the state is stable. When heated, it will change back to high elastic state, but for the moment the load has not existed, it will bounce back.

PE heat shrinkable sleeve has the special function that shrink when being heated above 70 ℃, so it is easy to use. And PE heat shrink tubing complies with European RoHS .
PE heat shrinkable tube is widely used in electrolytic capacitor, inductors, in all kinds of rechargeable battery monomer, composite packaging. Used in all kinds of curtain rod, shower curtain rod, hanging rod, mop pole, a broom handle, tool rod, telescopic rod, garden tools, such as poles of tubular goods outsourcing. And also can be used in low pressure indoor busbar copper platoon, connectors, wiring harness, identification, insulating cover.Used in lighting, LED pin cladding, and guitar, packaging, bottle package. Thus heat shrinkable tube is a new generation of packaging materials. Whether for civil, automotive and military use,heat shrink tube is your best choice.