Many of customers purchased Fiber Optic Protection Sleeve (HSFP) from us recently .

Fiber Optic Splice Protection Sleeves is Consist of cross linked polyolefin, Hot fusion tubing and Stainless Reinforcing Steel Rod which keep optic transmission properties of optical fiber and enhance the protection to optical fiber splices. Easily operating to the optical fiber during installation without damaging and clear sleeve make it easy to detect splice before shrinkage. Sealing structure make the splice free from influence of temperature and humidity in special environment.

There are some FAQ when customers purchase Fiber Optic Protection Sleeve .

1.  Why your price is more expensive than other supplier ?

Two reasons

A. The material of heat shrink tubing is PE not PVC , PVC will be more cheaper , but the quality is bad .

B. The rod  inside HSFP is made of stainless steel , and it was sealed at all .

Stainless steel rod will ensure good conduction performance and longer term . Sealed make sure the rod not easy to move and oxidized .

Fiber Optic Splice Protection Sleeves








2. About the size .

For example : HSFP- 61 x 1.5 x 3.0

61 mm  is the length of Fiber Optic Protection Sleeve ; 1.5 mm is the diameter of stainless steel rod ; 3.0 mm is the diameter of heat shrink tubing .

When some customer tell me , he need 61 mm Fiber Optic Protection Sleeve , I will ask him the diameter of rod and tubing .

3. Can you provide lower price Fiber Optic Protection Sleeve ?

Yes , we can also provide Fiber Optic Protection Sleeve that the stainless steel not sealed , but we do not provide PVC heat shrink tubing , the quality is too bad .