Silicone rubber heat shrinkable tube is a special tube made of special formula and special process. Furthermore, it possesses performances of the normal silicone tube. At the same time heat shrink silicone sleeve has high Temperature resistance, low temperature resistance, anti-chemical corrosion and weathering resistance and other properties, which can be used to handle wiring harness and provide insulation protection.

Silicone heat shrink tubes are often used in the products requiring flexibility and high temperature resistance, such as medical equipment, household appliances, aerospace, military industry, automobile, electronic parts , transformer, motor etc. Silicone heat shrink tube can protect and insulate the wire,cable in these fields.

Dicore draws on its years experience in heat shrink products, many heat shrink products can be produced and supplied such as medium wall heat shrink tube,halogen free heat shrink tube(general heat shrink tube),dual wall heat shrink tube, and all kinds of high temperature heat shrink tube ( including silicone rubber heat shrink tube).

As to silicone rubber heat shrink tube,it can be divided into flame retardant and non flame retardant. the shrink ration is about 1.7:1, a wide range of size from 1.0 mm to 110 mm. Because of special formula, heat shrink silicone tube is very flexible.