Heat shrink tubing is used on several different types of electrical joints, including soldered joints and Vinyl Mastic Tape connections. The tubing goes over the connection, then when heated with a heat source, shrinks down around the connection, creating a tight connection. Occasionally, you may realize that the Elastomeric Heat Shrink Tubing needs to be removed to redo the connection or cut the connection apart. Doing so can be done in many different methods, but one of the most basic involves minimal tools and very little time.
Here are five reasons why heat shrink tubing is the insulation of choice for people to choose.
Heat shrink tubing is preferable to electrical tape because it can withstand heat and other elements better than glue on the tape.
With the ability to conform to the materials it encases, heat shrink tubing is an ideal match for electrical and electronic projects.
Not only does heat shrink tubing protect the wires and cables inside, it also prevents its components from scratching the surfaces of cars and motorcycles or their accessories.
Wires oftentimes stand out like a sore thumb with their varying colors and lack of boundaries. Heat shrink tubing tames wires and is available in an assortment of colors to match your beauty. If you have a sleek, slick cable that you’re proud to display, or simply desire to view which wires are encased in the tube, there are clear heat shrink tubing options available in abundance.
Heavy wall heat shrink tubing can separate groups of wires for organization. For added coordination, use various color codes to indicate wire groups.