heat shrink ratio is the important property of heat shrink tubes.Each heat shrink tube has a shrink ratio.

Heat shrink tubing  can keep anything from abrasions, environmental hazards and chemicals. Heat shrink tubing products are rated by their expansion ratio, which is expanding and the recovery rate difference. Exposure to heat can cause heat shrink tubing products contract. They can shrink as sixth of its original diameter, in order to provide a good fit over irregularly shaped joints. The heat-shrinkable tube of the product ratio is typically 6:1 to 2:1. In a wider range of shrinkage, you can use your heat shrink tubing for a wider range of applications.

The most common heat pipe heat shrinkage of the product in the 2 to 1 ratio. This means that your shrink tube can be reduced to half its size, which means that it can shrink to 50% of its original size. Therefore, for a 0.60 “diameter line, you should use the 1” pipe, so when it is half its downsizing, you get a good, comfortable fit in your wire or cable. If you are using a heat shrink tubing, line, a terminal at the end of last month, it is recommended that you use the a 3-1 heat shrinkable tube. In order to ensure that the tube will shrink to the terminal at the same time on the line narrowing. This should give you a good completion no exposed wires or cables.

heat shrink ratio

Should consider before you buy heat shrink tubing. Of course, the ability of the rated voltage and temperature is one of the factors to consider. In addition to these, the size should be considered to have a perfect fit. That is why the ratio of the heat-shrinkable tubing products is very important. If you do not want your wires look sloppy, you should carefully shrinkage. When you encounter a 6:1 ratio, which means that the pipe is 6 times before it begins to shrink. A wide range of heat sink allows you to find the best size you need for your project.

Heat shrinkable tube, so you can easily adapt to the different components. Due to its contraction capacity, it makes the heat-shrinkable tube excellent in the sealing rubber, to ensure that all of the important part of a larger material covers, and the sliding. To ensure that you get the most suitable heat shrink tubing, you need, you should also consider the pipes and tubes will be installed by environmental factors. This way, you do not have to waste money to buy a tube, you do not really need.

Shrink tube for insulation, conductor and waterproof protection will not be exposed. It can also be used to repair the wire, wire and cable, resistance to abrasion and coverage. For more information about these products and the corresponding proportion of www.dicoretubing.com. They have a wide range of heat shrink tubing products, you can choose from.