Heat shrink tubing provides a state of the art method for the application of a tight, protective covering to items that will be subjected to the extremes of heat, corrosion, shock, moisture, and other critical environmental conditions.

www.dicoretubing.com Heat shrink tubing wholesalers high-performance shrink tubing in a variety of polymer resins, including: PTFE, FEP, PFA, PET, PEEK™, and PTFE/FEP. Provided in the expanded state, www.dicoretubing.com heat shrinkable tubing “shrink wraps” intricate and irregular shapes with a simple application of heat. The result is a protective covering that greatly extends life, increases reliability, and improves performance of components and parts used in thousands of applications.

Heat shrink tubing extends the life of such items indefinitely and assures their reliable performance. For 40 years www.dicoretubing.com has supplied the electronics, medical, aerospace, and many other industries with high performance polymer heat shrink. www.dicoretubing.com heat shrink tubing offers a unique combination of properties, including outstanding electrical characteristics; excellent chemical and solvent resistances; purity; lubricity; and outstanding performance reliability.