PVDF&PTFE heat shrink tube all belong  to the high temperature, But they have some differences in property,material etc.

PVDF heat shrinkable tube is made of special irradiation crosslinking polymer.It is a high-performance transparent flame retardant heat shrinkable tube. It can be used at high temperature for a long time, wear-resisting, cutting resistance, resistance to most of the oil and chemical solvents. Widely used in the protection of welding points, terminal and cable connection,especially for resisting the high tempearture,industrial fuels,solvent and chemical reagent.

PVDF&teflon heat shrink tube(PVDF)

PTFE tube is made of high quality PTFE in the way of extruding sintering, owning excellent electrical insulation, high flame retardant and self-lubricating properties, resistance to high temperature and chemical reagent, almost all the oil and chemical resistance. Widely used in automobile, military, aerospace, electronic chemicals, and other fields.

PVDF&teflon heat shrink tube(teflon)

For these two heat shrink tubes, they have some similar performance features such as resistance to high temperature,cutting resistance and resisting the chemical reagent ect.

But they have difference in such characteristics as below:

>PVDF heat shrinkable tube is superior to the PTFE on the price
>PVDF heat shrinkable tube is less than PTFE in the density
>PVDF heat shrinkable tube is slightly higher than PTFE in mechanical strength
>PVDF heat shrinkable tube is not better than PTFE heat shrinkable tube in heat resistance