PVC heat shrinkable tube, has the special function of shrinking when heated.Its specifications from Φ 2 – Φ 200. PVC heat shrinkable tube has three series of heat resistant temperature 85℃,105℃,125℃.

PVC heat shrink tube can also be printed with the fine words or design, moreover,PVC heat shrink sleeving has the effect of identification and anti-counterfeiting.And PVC heat shrink sleeve complies with European environmental standards at the same time: 3050 b and EN1122:2001 .That’s to say,PVC heat shrink tubing does not contain environmental harmness materials such as PCBs, PCP, PBB, PBDE, CFCs and HCFCs. The main technical index has reached the international advanced level of similar products. PVC heat shrink tube is mainly used in household appliances, electric power, battery, electronic instruments, electrical and military equipment

Applications is as below:

PVC heat shrink tubing is often used in electrolytic capacitor, inductor,good high temperature resistant,no secondary constraction,printing.Used in all kinds of rechargeable battery monomer, composite packaging and utilized in outsouring for all kinds of curtain rod, shower curtain rod, hang lever, mop pole, a broom handle, tool rod, telescopic rod, garden tools, poles, etc. In addition,used in low pressure indoor coppor busbar , connectors, wiring harness, identification, insulating cover. Also,used in lighting, LED pin cladding, and guitar, packaging bottle package.
The advantages of PVC thermal shrinkage tube is flame retardant,cost-effective, easy processing, high yield.

Drawback: PVC heat shrink tube can produce chlorine gas,a harmful material when burning ,and PVC heat shrink sleeve is not solvent resistant.

Undoubtably,PVC heat shrink tube has a good application for our daily life.But PE heat shrink tube is no less than PVC heat shrink sleeve.

UL irradiation crosslinking PE heat shrinkable tube has high temperature resistant, mechanical strength and good chemical resistance and widely used in the insulation of the cable, connector, transformer, inductance coil material, also , PE heat shrink sleeve can be used as anticorrosion coating for oil pipe,water pipe,gas pipe and chemical pipe ect.

PE heat shrinkable tube has been widely utilized in many applications.

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