Tubing might not sound like the most exciting topic when thinking of advancement in new technologies, however the fact is “boring” tubing proves to be most useful and without it most of our “exciting technologies wouldn’t be able to exist. For example Heat shrink tubing is made to insulate wires from extreme heat, seal out water and dust that could collect in cable joints, harness multiple wires together, prevent abrasions, and even help repair any damaged wires or cables. Without special Elastomeric Heat Shrink Tubing, our computer, medical, and other electrical cords would not be as durable.
In high pressure- low velocity load conditions, properties in PTFE make Expandable Braided Sleeving appropriate to be used as bearing pads. PTFE properties are also useful applications for heat and non-heat shrink tubing, heat exchangers, and coatings. Heat Shrink PTFE Tubing supplier provide PTFE used for nonstick pans and gives them a coating that makes them nonstick.
With such a wide variety of uses, and its strong withstanding for wear and tear, PTFE will continue replacing other tubing material and serve our industries for a very long time. Technology is always advancing and being that that will always be the case advancement in the field of tubing definitely has room for potential.