Product Description

SolderGrip closed end connector splices

SolderGrip closed end connector splices







    SolderGrip closed end connector splices


  • SolderGrip heat-shrinkable solder-type closed-end connectors are designed for electrical termination of multiple-wire combinations. They provide a reliable alternative to crimping, welding, or conventional twist-on-style closed-end connectors.
  • Their unique combination of wire fixturing and controlled-soldering technology provides dependable electrical termination of multiple wire combinations.
  • SolderGrip terminators consist of a heat-shrinkable thermoplastic sleeve containing a spiral-wound copper insert. The insert is fitted with a prefluxed solder band.
  • This innovation design allows SolderGrip products to reliably terminate as many as 10 wires different sizes and types in a single device.
  • The capability of Solder Grip terminators encompasses single or multistranded.bare or tinned copper wires with low-or high temperature insulation.
  • The termination is environmentally protected and strain relieved.
  • SolderGrip splice terminators are color-coded for easy identification.


Features and benefits

  • Soldered connection.
  • Electrical insulation.
  • Sealed for strain relief.
  • Simple installation.


Operating temperature range

  • Operating temperature: -40℃~125℃
  • Minimum shrink temperature: 150℃
  • Fully recovery temperature: 175℃
  • Starting temperature of solder melt: 138℃
  • Minimum fully recovery temperature: 160℃


Technical Data


Operating temperature -40℃~125℃
voltage Resistant 600V
Protection type IP67
Volume Resistivity (Ω cm): ≥1013
Dielectric Strength (KV/mm) 2.0


Product Dimensions






Product Dimensions Copper Cross Section Bundle Diameter
L±3.5 ΦA B Min



mm2 (CMA)





SST-SR1 Green 38.3 3.6 +0.4/-0.2 26.0±2.0 0.7(1400) 2.4(4800) 3.3 15.0
SST-SR2 Red 37.7 5.0 +0.7/-0.2 23.5±2.0 2.0(4000) 4.0(8000) 4.5 15.0
SST-SR3 Blue 45.5 7.5 +0.9/-0.2 26.5±2.0 3.5(7000) 8.0(16000) 7.0 15.0
SST-SR4 Yellow 45.0 9.4 +0.9/-0.3 25.5±3.0 7.5(15000) 12.0(24000) 9.0 15.0




  • 1 Insulation Sleeve: blue transparent and radiation cross-linked modified polyvinylidene fluoride heat shrinkable sleeve
  • 2 Solder Perform with Flux:

Solder: Type Sn43 per ANSI-J-STD-006

Flux:   Type ROM1 per ANSI-J-STD-004

  • Conical Spring: Square copper wire
  • End Closure Ball: Tinted glass
  • Sealing Insert: Hot melt adhesive.