Product Description

Mastic Sealing Tape

Mastic sealing tape, gray mastic tape, Mastic tape, 3M mastic tape, 2900R tape, Sealing Tape 2900-R

Model: MAST


Mastic sealing tape is a gray mastic tape. It is non-conductive, has good compression qualities and excellent electrical properties.


It can be wrapped, stretched or molded around irregular shapes for quick, smooth insulation build-up. Use it to insulate connections up to 600 volts and make a moisture seal at ground wire exits in high-voltage splices.

Technical Data

Property Typical value Test method
Specific Gravity(g/cm3) 1.25 GB/T 533-1991
Cone Penetration(16℃,1/10mm) 62 GB/T 4509-1998
Water Absorption(%) 0.06 GB/T 8810-2005
Flow at Elevated Temperatures No flow, sag or bleed at49℃ GB/T 17875-1999
Low Temperature Flexibility No cracks or loss of adhesion GB/T 1682-1994
Adhesion to Steel(N/mm) 3.2 GB/T 2790-1995
Volume Resistivity(Ω·cm) 1014 GB/T 1692-1992
Application Temperature(℃) 4~38
Service Temperature(℃) -40~60
Ordering information

Mastic sealing tape is available in the following roll sizes:


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