Product Description

Heat Shrink Insulating Tape

Heat Shrink Insulating Tape, heat shrink tape, Compound Insulation Heat Shrinkable Tape

Model: HSIT


Heat shrinkable Insulating tape is specially designed to repair the buried / over the cable or pipe It is mainly used for insulating, anti-corrosive and mending purposes at the bending part. It may also be wound around the whole cable or pipe for insulating and anti-corrosive purpose. It uses crosslinked polyolefin as the base material with a special heat seal coating. Sound bonding is formed on the pipe or cable surface when applied together with solid epoxy coating.

1. Partial Repair of the cable protective layers suffered by mechanical and heat damage and erosions and breakages caused by organic solvents;
2. Waterproof treatment at the ends of protective sleevings of heat shrinkable power cable joints;
3. Protection of electriferous naked conductors and treatment of shortcut circuit caused by icicles;
4. Anti-corrosion and seal of pipes;
5. Insulation of bus bars in switch gear cupboards and power stations;
6. Other areas where insulations and seals are needed.

Color: Red, Yellow, Green and Black


1. Self shrink rate> 30%;
2. Operating temperature: -55℃~105℃;
3. Shrink Temperature: 125℃.



Test Method

Standard Value

  Tensile strength   ASTM D638   ≥10.4MPa
  Elongation   ASTM D638   ≥200%
  Tensile after aging   ASTMD 2671/120℃, 168h   ≥10MPa
  Elongation after aging   ASTMD 2671/120℃, 168h   ≥200%
  Dielectric Strength   IEC 243   ≥10kV/mm
  Volume Resistivity   IEC 250   ≥1014Ω. cm




Standard Width(mm)

Standard Thickness(mm)

Standard Length(m)

  HSIT-0825   25   0. 8±0. 1   5 or 10
  HSIT-0850   50   0. 8±0. 1   5 or 10
  HSIT-08100   100   0. 8±0. 1   5 or 10
  HSIT-1025   25   1. 0±0. 1   5 or 10
  HSIT-1050   50   1. 0±0. 1   5 or 10
  HSIT-10100   100   1. 0±0. 1   5 or 10
   HSIT-S    50
  1. 5±0. 1
Other sizes are available upon request.