Product Description

Heat Shrink Anode Cap

Heat Shrink Anode Cap, Anode cap, Pole Cap, heat shrinkable anode cap

Model: HSAC


Heat Shrinkable Anode Cap seals and protects the critical connection between lead wire and anode. The tight fitting ,heat-shrinkable anode cap provides stress relief, moisture proofs and electrically insulates the end of the anode at the lead wire exit point. It is the ideal solution to the problem of premature system failure due to loss of the wire to anode termination.
A uniquely highly stabilized polyolefin material is used to mole the cap. During the manufacturing process each cap is expanded to provide plenty of clearance for easy installation over the lead wire and the anode. A rubber based sealant, designed to adhere to anode materials and wire insulations, is uniformly coated on the inside of the cap.


Part No.





Supplied Recovered Supplied Recovered Supplied Supplied Recovered
HSAC-2 ≥58


≥12.5 ≤6.5 76±2 78±2 2.4±0.1
HSAC-3 ≥83


≥12.5 ≤6.5 102±2 78±2 2.4±0.1
HSAC-4 ≥108 ≤100 ≥12.5 ≤6.5 102±2 78±2 2.4±0.1
HSAC-4B ≥120


≥13.5 ≤6.5 102±2 78±2 2.3±0.1


Installation instruction

1. Insert the anode cape into the cable. Install the lead wire to the anode.
2. Ensure the anode cape touch the cable’s positive terminal tightly.
3. As shown in below drawing, give even heating to shrink the slim tube from inner side to outside, meanwhile keep the thick tube stable by hands.
4. After finish shrinking  the slim  tube, the thick tube of anode cap could be heated to shrink, till the glue overflow from the end.
5. Then turn to shrink the left part of anode cape slim tube, till the glue overflow from the end.
6. After finishing the above, the installation should be ready.