Many people do not realize how many of their day to day products function by the use of Polytetrafluorethylene.  One might ask, “what is this enormous word, and what does it have to do with my daily life?”; well to start, Polytetrafluorethylene are basically a “super Vinyl Mastic Tape plastic”, and have many extremely useful properties such as resistance to heat and other chemicals.  They are used in heat shrink tubing for wires and they also have non-stick properties, and are thus used in day to day kitchen items such as cooking pans, bake ware and other assorted items.
Polytetrafluorethylene or PTFE is one of the world’s most versatile thermoplastics. PTFE from Heat Shrink PTFE Tubing supplier is replacing carbon and other types of metal tubing, quickly naming PTFE the future of tubing. Polytetraflurethylene is also known as  PTFE tubing can withstand extreme temperatures and has phenomenal UV resistance as well as strong weather ability.  This high quality tubing has a slippery and smooth surface, and makes a superb insulator.
In high pressure- low velocity load conditions, properties in PTFE make it appropriate to be used as bearing pads. PTFE properties are also useful applications for heat and non-heat shrink tubing, heat exchangers, and coatings. PTFE is used for nonstick pans and gives them a coating that makes them nonstick.
With such a wide variety of uses, and its strong withstanding for wear and tear, PTFE will continue replacing other Heavy wall heat shrink tubing material and serve our industries for a very long time. Technology is always advancing and being that that will always be the case advancement in the field of tubing definitely has room for potential.