As we all know, polyolefin is a widespread material in heat shrink tube. Although there are many materials that can be choice of heat shrikable tube,but polyolefin heat shrink tube is absolutely in the high level.

What makes polyolefin so popular in heat shrink tubing family? first,polyolefin is flame retardant  and possesses good chemical,electrical and physical properties which causes polyolefin heat shrinkable sleeve to be used widely and flexibly.Furthermore,depending on the cost-effective and ferstival charactoristics,polyolefin heat shrink tube becomes the initial choice .

In gerneral,Polyolefin Tubing is a reliable all purpose heat shrink product and is UL recognized.And Polyolefin has a wide range of types and styles so it has a comprehensive applications.

For example,halogen free heat shrink tube is the most general shrink tube.but it has many uses.It has many different colors,so it can be utilized to identify the confusing wire or cables.Also,the beautiful color can make it as decoration to the wire.So don’t hesitate to purchase halogen free heat shrink tubing. It is completely your best choice in heat shrink tubes.At the same time ,it can effectively protect and sealing the wire and cable.Furthermore,it has a good price and excellent quality.The most importance is that halogen free heat shrinkable sleeving has a wide range of size from 0.8mm to 250mm.


Of course,polyolefin heat shrink tubes take possess of many types in wall thickness,color,shrink ratio and applications.Dicore is a professional supplier for all kinds of heat shrink tubes and cable accessories.Our product is cost-effective and quaity guaranteed.Otherwise,we can offer samples to test for our customer.


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