In our daily life,it needs to be decorated in many fields such as computer wire,aumotive wire,cable bundles ect.So braided sleeving can solve all these questions.

PET expandable braided sleeving is a new type of wire protection casing, using polyester monofilament and polyester filament.It has good heat resistance, fire resistance, abrasion resistance, easy and convenient operation etc.The structure of the open type is conducive to reshipment, maintenance and repair of wire rod.
PET expandable braided casing is widely used in high railway, automotive, automation equipment, computer wire bundles, especially suitable for the need to protect and thermal environment.


Heat shrinkable braided sleeving is made of polyester fiber and polyolefin monofilament,which can shrink after being heated to 0.5 times of the original inside diameter. Heat shrinkable braided sleeving has good noise resistance, flexibility, abrasion resistance and thermal insulation.
Heat shrinkable knitting casing is widely used in automotive rubber hose, plastic pipe and wire protection without damaging ,heat shrinkable braided sleeving has a good effection of abrasion resistance and noise reduction.

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