Heat shrink tubing is an application that involves shrinking a tube’s diameter with the use of heat through a tool called a heat gun. It’s a rather simple idea but it’s important to know what it’s used for and it’s also important to be safe when perfuming related tasks to the process.
The technology of heat shrink tubing is something that crosses over with other forms of technology quite frequently. Take for instance electronic equipment like keyboards, amplifiers and so on. All those crazy components and circuit boards rely on heat shrink tubing to some degree in order to be pieced together and work as they are intended to.
Heat shrink tubing can be made from any thermoplastic material. Polyolefin and polyvinyl chloride are the most popular choices in material to create this form of Elastomeric Heat Shrink Tubing, and other materials are often added during creation of the heat tube for added capabilities, like weatherproofing.
You have a lot of options available whenever you purchase shrinkable tubing. Not only are regular options applied, like Heat Shrink Silicone Rubber Tubing, Heat Shrinkable Bus Bar Tubing, Heavy wall heat shrink tubing, there are sizing requirements involved to ensure a snug fit when shrunk. The sleeve diameter is very important when choosing this type of plastic tubing, because the tubing must be large enough to fit over any large and irregular surfaces without being compromised.