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Heat Shrinkable Cable Repair Sleeve- Cable Wire Helper

Heat Shrinkable Cable Repair Sleeve (HSRS-N) is made of a cross-linked, heat-shrinkable, thermally stabilized polyolefin.

A New “Hair Curler” – Expandable Braided Sleeving

Our PET Expandable Braided Sleeving is design from durable environment friendly PET monofilament yarns and the unique braided construction enable quick and easy installation over large connector. Generally speaking, these sleevings are used in wire harnessing in industries, hose and cable protection for automotive, heavy equipment and marine industries. However, we find a new […]

What’s special about these Fiber Optic Protection Sleeves?

What’s special about these Fiber Optic Protection Sleeves?

Our Fiber Optic Protection Sleeves are made from cross linked polyolefin, hot fusion tubing and 304 stainless reinforcing steel rod which keep optic transmission properties of optical fiber and enhance the protection to optical fiber splices. Some special feature you can see as followed:

1. Fusion splice sleeves are […]

Halogen Free Heat Shrink Tube

When Halogen tube is burning, it can release poisonous gas that is extremely harmful to the human beings and environment. However the Halogen Free Heat Shrink Tube is based on Halogen Tube to be developed with high technology. Halogen Free Heat Shrink Tube is made from Polyolefin, which can be more soft,flexible and environment friendly. […]

where can we find heat shrink tube ?

heat shrink tube has a wide usage in lots of fields which can broaden your horizons.

Where to find heat shrink tubing supplier ?

where to find such a heat shrink tubing supplier ? it bothers the people who are not familiar with this kind of products. Dicore is a One Stop Supplier of heat shrink tubing, you could find easily this heat shrink tubing for iphone charger here, tell your friends, and enjoy it.

Heat Shrink Tubing for cable protection and repair

Heat shrink tube for cable protection and repair,it is generally divided into 3 types.

New application of PVDF tube

PVDF heat shrink tube has a new application for LED lamp producing because of its special material and outstanding characteristics.

Silicone Heat Shrink Tubes

Silicone rubber heat shrinkable tube is a special tube made of special formula and special process. Furthermore, it possesses performances of the normal silicone tube.

Kynar Heat Shrink Tubes

PVDF heat shrink tube is also known as Kynar heat shrink sleeve.PVDF,namely polyvinylidene fluoride resin owns the characteristics of fluorine resin and general resin.