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Welcome Chile customers


Welcome Chile customers to visit our factory , he want to know more about the production process of heat shrink tubing .


Our Dicore factory is located in the beautiful town of Dongguan Dan row which set up in building C,ShengYaoTechnology Park,Chichong Cross Road,Shipai Town,DongGuan ,China. We focus on producing heat shrink tubing for 14 […]

Heat Shrinkable Cables Identification Tubing

Heat Shrinkable Cables Identification Tubing (HSID) are made of permanent,flame retarded,radiation cross-linked heat shrinkable polyolefin . Flexible HSID is widely used to provide highly legible and resistant identification of cables, pipes, conduits, etc.

3:1 high shrink ratio to cover a wide range of cable diameters enable suitability for many industrial and technological applications. Heat Shrinkable Cables Identification Tubing […]

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10KV Blue Heat Shrink Bus-bar Tubing

Heat shrink bus-bar tubing is used for preventing bus bar from chemical corrosion. Avoid short circuit fault caused by mice,snakes and so on. Normal color are red, green, yellow. But special color available on request. Like blue bus-bar tubing.

Below is 10KV blue heat shrink bus-bar tubing customized per our customer request.

Technical Data:


Test Method


Tensile Strength

ASTM […]

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Heat Shrink Solder Sleeve Wire Splice Kit

Heat Shrink Solder Sleeve Wire Splice enables an easy one step connection of wires, soldered, insulated and sealed.  NO crimp tool required, just a standard heat gun designed for solder-type connectors.
The heat shrink solder sleeve can be designed into wire harness production at a lower installed cost than competitive methods.  Dicore’s solder sleeve wire splices come […]

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How to choose the appropriate Heat Shrink Tubing

How to choose the appropriate Heat Shrink Tubing ? single wall, dual wall? with or without adhesive ? Below tips for reference.

Electrical wires and other linear objects, select halogen free heat shrink tubing . Tubing supplied diameter equal to objects diameter. This is the simplest application.

Power plants, electrical cabinet bus-bar protection usage, select heat shrink bus-bar […]

2016 IEEE Power & Energy Society General Meeting

2016 IEEE Power & Energy Society General Meeting will be held on July 17 – July 21, 2016. The Meeting location is Boston Sheraton.

IEEE PES 2016 could be a spectacular Meeting which will cover the topics of Electric Power, Electrical Engineering, Electricity, Power, Power Quality, Energy Forecasting, Electricity Market and Smart Buildings and more.

This […]

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Heat shrink tubings Tech Tips! From Dicore

Many people ask what is heat shrink tubing. Here is heat shrink tubings tech tips for reference.

Heat shrink tubing is made of polyolefin material with special technology. Widely used to insulate wires offering abrasion resistance and environmental protection for conductors , connections ,joints and terminals in electrical engineering . It can also be used to repair […]

Medium wall heat shrinkable tube fit over irregular shape and large connectors

Medium wall heat shrinkable tube is available with or without hot melt adhesive .

Model : MHST-A /MHST
Dicore-MHST Medium Wall Heat Shrink Tubing is designed to provide reliable performance for electrical splices, connections, and terminations, as well as mechanical and environmental protection. MHST is fabricated from cross-linked polyolefin. The tubing is highly split resistant, and […]

Heat shrinkable tube without halogen

Heat shrinkable tube without halogen

In recent days , some friends  from oversea inquired on our products : Halogen free heat shrink tubing ( HHST ) .

Now , let me make a conclusion about HHST :

HHST is heat shrinkable tube without halogen , which is low smoking flame-retardant with polyolefin material .It contains halogen free […]

Cable Marker

We at home, workplaces, factory, can see different cables, but if these have no markers, it is very annoyed for us to pick a wrong cables when we want to unplug the cables, especially the cable is same. So the cable should be named in case for picking wrong cables. There is a simple and […]