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Cable terminal fitting – heat shrink cable branch sleeve

This product in the video is heat shrink cable branch sleeve .

It is usually used for outdoor cable terminals and indoor cable terminals .















We produce four kind of it , one core , two core , three core , four core and five core . So please tell us the type and sizes do you […]

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Expandable braided sleeve using demonstration

Today we recorded a video to show you how to use expandable braided sleeve .

1. Slip it over the cable .

2. Squeeze and push .

Expandable braided sleeve can be used in many field , for example : wire harnessing , hose and cable protection , heavy equipment and marine industries .

There are some data below


Test Method

Typical […]

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New product – Solder Grip closed end connector splices

                                                                       Solder Grip closed end connector splices


Solder Grip heat-shrinkable solder-type closed-end connectors are designed for electrical termination of multiple-wire […]

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Work hard , share joy , we are a Team – heat shrink tubing manufacture

Today , I found a photo in my mobile phone . It is took last year when we dine together .

You can see all of the members of our sales department . We work together , help each other , and growing together .

We have parties every month , of cause our company pay […]

Dragon Boat Festival holiday notice

Dragon Boat Festival holiday is coming , we will have a 3 days vacation since 16th to 19th this month .
Any question , please send us email , we will reply you asap !

All of our staff received a red packet .
The words on the red packet 大吉大利 means : good luck for every […]

Medium wall heat shrink tubing and branch off clip

Medium wall heat shrink tubing and branch off clip – Brazil customer’s goods shipped out , a whole big container . Thanks for all customers , we will still provide you best products and service in the future . 😉😉

Heat Shrink Tubing for Fiber Optic Closures

We received many orders about Fiber Optic Closures recently , so some customers need to wait longer , we will do our best !

Now let me introduce Fiber Optic Closures ( HSTFC ).

There is a layer of spiral coated hot melt adhesive in the internal surface. Out layer provide reliable protection. High quality hot melt adhesive […]

Heat shrink electrical terminals

We produce heat shrink electrical terminals , also named heat shrink electrical connectors .

Heat shrink electrical terminals also include many types .

1 . Dura Seal Heat Shrinkable Butt Splice , It consists of a heat-shrinkable tube and a copper ring.









The ring in this terminal made of red copper or brass .  Cooper ring terminal always be […]

FAQ About Fiber Optic Protection Sleeve

Many of customers purchased Fiber Optic Protection Sleeve (HSFP) from us recently .

Fiber Optic Splice Protection Sleeves is Consist of cross linked polyolefin, Hot fusion tubing and Stainless Reinforcing Steel Rod which keep optic transmission properties of optical fiber and enhance the protection to optical fiber splices. Easily operating to the optical fiber during installation […]

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Chinese New Year holiday notice

Chinese New Year holiday notice

Happy Chinese new year for all of our fiends all over the world .











Chinese New Year is coming , as you know , it is the most important festival for all of Chinese , and we will take a long vacation . So we must notice all of customers , if […]

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