Medium wall heat shrinkable tube is available with or without hot melt adhesive .

Model : MHST-A /MHST
Dicore-MHST Medium Wall Heat Shrink Tubing is designed to provide reliable performance for electrical splices, connections, and terminations, as well as mechanical and environmental protection. MHST is fabricated from cross-linked polyolefin. The tubing is highly split resistant, and fast-shrinking to provide rapid installation. The tubing comes standard with a factory-applied adhesive/sealant.

1.Quick shrinking ,medium wall ,cross-linked ,semi-rigid polyolefin tubing with large expansion ratios
2.It is availabel with or without hot melt adhesive coating on the diameter.
3.The MHST sleeves are designed to insulate and encapsulate electrical connections .
4.Typical applications include the covering of splices and electrical terminations in ambient temperatures of -55℃-110℃ .
5.When coated with an adhesive ,the inner hot melt liner simultaneously melts and flows during the shrinking process to enviromentally seal a connection or splice .The adhesive bond develops peel strength ,depending opon substrate material composition .
6.These sleeves provide seals with a variety of synthetic sheath materials and most meatals including lead ,aluminum and steel MHST sleeves provide good electrical insulation and resist abrasion ,corrosion .This material is tough and provides good mechanical support and strain relief.

Product Features
Fast and easy installation
Resists puncture and abrasion damage
Complete environmental protection
Versatile, a minimum number of sizes cover the
entire range of applications
Shrink ratio 3:1
Resists acids and alkalies
Bonds to a wide variety of substrates
Reliable and proven
UV resistant

medium wall heat shrink tubing shrinking ratio 3:1

medium wall heat shrink tubing shrinking ratio 3:1



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