The purpose of fiber protection sleeve is to protect optical fiber.It has a stainless rod inside, which can be fixed better. And especially the clear one, it can easily be detected after installation.

Fiber protection sleeve keeps optic transmission properties of optical fiber and enhance the protection to optical fiber splices, making the splice free from influence of temperature and humidity in special environment. With clear and colors sleeve ( red,blue,yellow,green,brown,orange,purple ect).

Of course, fiber protection sleeve has 3 types: single fiber,rebbon fiber( ceramic rod and quartz rod)

For single fiber sleeve, it is just through one fiber, which with 9um diameter optic. If add more fiber in, when heat the tube it  will  extrusion, fiber interact may lead to unveracity of beam-focusing.

Ribbon fiber sleeve can meet more fiber request, usually it can through 6 cores or 12cores together. Dicore supply ribbon fiber sleeve with Ceramic rod and Quartz rod.

Fiber protection sleeve

Fiber optic sleeve is absolutely an superb protection sleeve for optical fiber. And it is has different length such as 60mm,45mm,40mm,25mm and 18mm. And the price is very competitive usd 0.01/PC-0.05/PC.

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