PVDF heat shrink tube is also known as Kynar heat shrink tubes.PVDF,namely polyvinylidene fluoride resin owns the characteristics of fluorine resin and general resin. So it has excellent comprehensive performance. PVDF resin not only has good resistance to chemical corrosion, high temperature resistance, oxidation resistance, weather resistance, uv resistance, radiation resistance but also has piezoelectricity and pyroelectricity ect special performance. These all types leads to expand the scope of its application. PVDF is widely used in chemical, electrical and electronic equipment and construction coating.

Kynar PVDF became industrialized in 1965 and provided services for chemical processing, wire insulation and sheath and other industries. So far, Kynar PVDF has become the preferred material of many industrial products. PVDF resin is a high performance engineering plastics, which can be widely used in various fields of high performance requirements, such as lithium ion battery, water treatment filter membrane, solar photovoltaic, polymer processing AIDS, chemical industry processing, high performance flame-retardant wire and cable, semiconductor, pharmaceutical and other industries including pipeline system and so on.

PVDF heat shrinkable tube is named for Kynar heat shrink tube. The last but the most important,PVDF heat shrink tube has many applications in many different fields. and our company Dicore can supply the most suitable product for you according to your demands.

So if you are wanting high temperaturte heat shrink tube, high performance shrink tube,PVDF (Kynar ) heat shrinkable tube, get in touch with me!