Nothing is difficult But needing industrious and tenacious characteristics to make it,just like the origin of heat shrink tube.

Generally speaking,heat shrink tube was first produced by Raychem cooperation Paul Cook, Raychem’s chemical engineer founder in the late 1950s.That’s to say,Raychem was initially known for heat shrinkable tubing.But today Raychem product has been produced by many different manufacturers.Of course,now Raychem still pioneers heat shrink products.

In the modern time,heat shrink tubing has many different types ,colors and applications ect.As is well known,heat shrinkable tube comes in variety material such as polyolefin,PVC,PET,silicone rubber,PTFE.

Heat shrink tubing is used as an effective and ecomomical way to protect what we need to protect ,for example,wire splices,wire bundles and cable joints.Heat shrink tube can be applied in a variety of fields including vehicle engines, homes, outdoor wiring, home theaters, computer labs, and other spaces.

What must be pointed is that the temperature of heat shrink tube.Different tube,different temperature.And heat shrink tube is sensituve in temperature.If operation temperature is too high ,the tube will be charred.So temperature should be controlled well.Heat shrink gun is best choice to shrink the tube.

Next is the instruction of heat shrink tube.

First,make sure the size of exposed joint to be covered by the tubing.Because heat shrink tube has different shrink ratio, you should measure it well.

Then you can penetrate the exposed joint into the heat shrink tubing.

Finally,you can  Plug in the heat gun and begin to warm the tubing. You will observe the tube beginning to shrink after a few seconds. If smoke rises from the plastic, pull the gun back a little. Continue to heat until all the tube is tight against the wires and connection.

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