Heat shrink tubing is widely used in electrical and communication, to seal and protect electrical splices, cable terminations and joints where electrical insulation and water proof are required.

And as to how to install heat shrink tubing, you can refer to the approaches step by step.
1. Measure the tube side cable or wire to be covered, then cut a piece about 7mm (1/4inch) longer then the length to be covered.

cut suitable size

2.Slide the tubing over the cable or wire.

insert the wire to the tubefix the tube

3.Turn on the heat gun and let it warm about 5 minutes.

4.Use the gun heat the tubing and shrink around the cable or wire. Begin  one end to another end , holding the gun about 4-inches away from the tubing surface and moving it back and forth over in a small area..

5.In order to work out all air bubbles and heat evenly , turn the cable or wire when heating. Repeat tip4 to next small area till total length tubing shrinks.

6.complete it .


The important tip is that we must assure heat shrink tube  to be heated uniformly. and you must operate as the aboved 5 tips told. Thus it can have a good effect. And it can make the heat shrink tube protect and insulate more effectively.