High temperature heat shrink tubing has three different types containing 150℃ Heat Shrink PVDF Tubing,175℃ Heat Shrink PVDF Tubing and 200℃Heat Shrink Viton Tubing.I’ll introduce them in detail as belowing.

Let’s begin with 150℃ Heat Shrinkable PVDF tube

150℃ Heat Shrink PVDF tubing is excellent flame-retardant heat-shrinkable polyvinylidence fluoride tube for applications requiring high-temperature resistance, outstanding abrasion and cut-through resistance or superior chemical and solvent resistant properties. It reliably protects solder joints, terminals and connections from most industrial fuels, solvents and chemicals. The glass -like appearance makes it easily to inspect the mark on protected harness.It has two colors including black and clear.

Next is 175℃ Heat Shrink PVDF tube

175℃ Heat Shrink PVDF Tubing an extremely tough, high temperature, thin wall insulation tubing.175℃ Heat Shrink PVDF Tubing is a transparent, non-burning, semi-rigid tubing with superior resistance to most industrial fuels, solvents and chemicals. Designed for applications requiring strain relief at temperatures up to 175°C, this product is unusually tough in its resistance to abrasion and cut through. Typical applications include high temperature applications, protection, strain relief, chemical resistance, and mechanical and abrasion protection.

200℃ Heat Shrink Viton tube is the last.

200℃ Heat Shrinked Viton tube is different from the two types mentioned aboved.The difference is not only in tempweature,but also in material. It is made from modified fluoroelastomer named Viton.That is to say,200℃ Heat Shrinked Viton tube is a viratan of the aboved two types .Accordingly ,the three types has the same fuction .Of course there is a little subtle difference

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