When using electrical wire it might be more difficult to get the tubing to completely adhere to it because of the nylon coating over the insulation. It makes the wire more slippery to push through conduit easier so the tubing will sometimes slip off even when shrunk all the way down. You probably won’t see too much electrical wire with Heavy wall heat shrink tubing anyways because there are very few applications where it would be needed.
Most times it’s the PVC wire and PTFE wire that use Heavy wall heat shrink tubing because it’s cut and altered much more. There is also a tubing with adhesive on the inside that acts as glue when it heats up and shrinks down. The glue then sticks to both the wire and the tubing to make it nearly impossible to remove. Make sure if you use it that you want it there for good because you will have a very hard time getting it off
Heavy wall heat shrink tubing are environmentally friendly due to the formulation using high polymers, through cross-link by electronic accelerator and continuous expansion. Some of the salient features such as flexibility flame retardant, quick shrink and stable performance make these suitable for applications in the field of wire joints. They will provide a good seal for your electric wires, not only around the length of the wires but also the ends. This seal ensures the protection of the wires as well as the continued flow of the circuit, a problem which otherwise would be hard to diagnose.