Heat shrinkable tubing has a special function that it can be shrunk when heated. As to the material, it can be divided into PE heat shrinkable tube, PVC heat shrinkable tubing, PET heat shrinkable tube. Heat shrink tubing can be used in different occasions, different fields such as electrics,mechanics,communication and so on.In addition,heat shrinkable tube has many charactors :high insulation ,flame-retardant,UV resistance .

all kinds of heat shrinkable tubings
UL certified PE heat shrinkable tube has high temperature resistant, mechanical strength, good chemical resistance, etc, this heat shrink tubing is  widely used in cable, connector, transformer, inductance coil insulation materials .Of course,it can be also used for oil, water, gas and chemical pipeline anticorrosion coating.
Environmental friendly PE heat shrinkable tube has excellent flame retardant, insulation performance,low shrinkage temperature. It is very soft and elastic and its shrinkage is fast,This heat shrink tubing has better mechanical strength, heat resistance, acid, alkali and aging resistance.
Applicable temperature range: 55 ℃ ~ 125 ℃;
Initial shrinkage temperature: 70 ℃;
completely shrinkage temperature: 120 ℃;
Comply with safety standard: UL 224VW-1C-UL CSA C 22.2 OFT RoHs Compliant
PE heat shrinkable tube is widely used in the insulation of the terminal, fuse, connector.
Environmental protection PVC heat shrinkable tube can be used for the chain, chains, springs, wire, pipe and pipe fittings of protection.And it is also widely used in electrolytic capacitor, inductor, and a variety of electronic products such as batteries, lighting, wiring harness, busbar insulation cover, the product can have insulation, moistureproof, beautiful effect.
PET heat shrinkable tube has non-toxic, and easy to recycle, and the environment will not produce harm  to human body. And PET heat shrink tube is more in line with environmental requirements.
As described above,whether using which type of heat shrink insulation tubing,each operation process is easier in our daily life.Heat shrink tube makes the complicated become simple.

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