Dicore is one of the Heat shrink tubing suppliers who specializes in manufacturing & supplying of Heat Shrinkable Tubing. Heat shrinkable tubing is a tube which shrinks in diameter when heated. Its diameter and thickness can vary, and they are of three main categories thin-wall, medium-wall and thick-wall tubes. It is manufactured from a thermoplastic material such as polyolefin, fluoropolymer, PVC, neoprene, silicone elastomer or Viton and used for general purpose insulation & repair, wire & cable harnessing & bundling, cable & connector protection, wire & tubing Splicing & Connecting, automated cutting machines. At the time of external use, Heat Shrinkable Tubing is used with UV stabilizer. It is also expansion-based.
Heat shrink tubing wholesalers supply Heat Shrinkable Tracking Tubes which are environment friendly due to the formulation using high polymers, through cross-link by electronic accelerator and continuous expansion. Some of the salient features such as flexibility flame retardant, quick shrink and stable performance make these suitable for applications in the field of electronics, communication, automobile and widely applied for connecting or end-handling, electric wire, insulating and harness of electric wire, corrosion and rust-proof of metallic rods or tubes, antenna protection and marking for other products..
This process of Heat Shrink Tubing involves producing the tubing as normal, heating it to just above the polymer’s crystalline melting point and mechanically stretching the tubing, finally, it is rapidly cooled. Later, when heated, the tubing will relax back to the un-expanded size. Yamuna Densons offers a large selection of Heat Shrinkable Tubing products. It is rated by its expansion ratio, a comparative of the differences in expansion and recovery rate.