Heat shrinkable tube material is cross linked pololefin, it is widthly use in wires, cables and so on insulation protection, waterproof. Kinds of industries will use heat shrinkabe tube, as the electronics industry will use dicore halogen free heat shrink tube, and civil engineering use dicore heat shrink cable end caps.

1. Dicore adhesive line heat shrink tube include medium wall heat shrink tube, heavy wall heat shrink tube and dual wall heat shrink tube three main of adhesive types. Medium wall heat shrink tube with good performance various use for electrical splices insulation protection, sealing and waterproof. Heavy wall heat shrink tube is a thickness wall type and dual wall heat shrink tube is a thinness wall type.

2. Dicore fusion splice protection sleeve include 13 colors, clear, white, black, gray, red, yellow, orange, green, blue, pink, purple, cyan, brown.

fiber optic heat shrinkable tube