Traditionally used within the electrical work within the home, heat shrink connectors have been used to solder wires together through the use of heat tape or heat sleeves that are blasted with hot air to create a connection that can shrink together the wires and create a safe and effective way to reduce the exposure of these wires to various components in the electrical work in the home. Recently, additional uses have been used within various personal computer and other types of uses that include smaller scale Elastomeric Heat Shrink Tubing, with the use of connectors that can be placed through the ends of the wires, creating a clean and even appearance through the wires that are used through personal computers, and the changes that are made to the systems or even the re-building of new systems.
Medium and Heavy wall heat shrink tubing’s specifically designed for insulating bus bars, made of especially formulated radiation cross linked halogen free compounds which can provide high resistance to tracking and arcing. Used to enhance the insulation properties of bus bar in switchgear and substations. The continuous length of supplied products makes it to be used more conveniently and economically. • Heat Shrinkable Bus Bar Tubing Reduces busbar clearance requirements • Protects against accidental flashovers • Halogen Free
Dicore provides Heat Shrinkable insulation products, electrical insulation products, mechanical insulation products & solutions for a wide range of applications and industries through heat shrink technology.