Heat Shrinkable Cables Identification Tubing (HSID) are made of permanent,flame retarded,radiation cross-linked heat shrinkable polyolefin . Flexible HSID is widely used to provide highly legible and resistant identification of cables, pipes, conduits, etc.

3:1 high shrink ratio to cover a wide range of cable diameters enable suitability for many industrial and technological applications. Heat Shrinkable Cables Identification Tubing meets the requirements of a wide range of industrial and high-tech standards.



• Permanent identification.
• Cross-linked Polyolefin
• High resistance to fluids & solvents
• Computer-printable,  fit for Rolly 2000TR1 thermal transfer printers
• Light weight for aerospace applications.
• Choice of Military grade & RoHS Compliant Material or Halogen free Material.
• 2:1 or 3:1 shrink ratio available.
• Highly flame retardant , VW-1.
• Temperature rating +135°C/275°F
• Quick recovery of heat sensitive areas.
• Minimum shrinkage temperature: 90°C
• Operating temperature range: -55°C to +135°C
• White and yellow color optional.


Two packing ways:
1. Cut in 55mm/pc, adhibit together in a line and packed in roll (T type)
2. Not cut and packed in roll (R type).

hsid-3x-4.8 heat shrinkable tubing, cembre termo-roll h3

hsid-3x-4.8 heat shrinkable tubing, 25mm length, 2 tags per sheet, 1000 pcs per pack, precut


heat-shrinkable tubing for identification of cables, pipes, conduits

heat-shrinkable tubing for cables identification