Since 1950s,heat shrink product has been in widespread application in many fields. Especially for now,many different materials,different types of heat shrink comes to our life. Here you can see the production process about it.

heat shrink production process

Besides,Dicore listens to the requirement of the world,With its innovation and the state of the art,it can supply a wide range of heat shrink tubes.

>high voltage section:
1: 10、35KV power cable accessories.(for termination and intermediate joint)
2: 10、35KV busbar protection sleeve
3: insultaion wrap tape

feature: complicated formulation,serious requirement( the mixture of multiple heat shrink tubes)

>low voltage section
1: 1KV or below 1KV cable accessories
2: 1KV busbar protection sleeve
3: communication cable accessories

feature: simple structure,easy production

>general heat shrink tube section:
1: different temperature tube.(105℃,125℃,135℃,150℃,175℃,200℃,260℃ ect)
2: dual wall  tube for wire bundles
3: special use heat shrink tube(identification tube,solder tube)

>repair sleeve
application: anti-corrosion for oil pipe,natural gas pipe, cable repair or busbar insulation ect

By the way, as far as nowadays market is concerned,these products will have a better development prospect such as adhesive  tube,dual wall,idetification sleeve ,oil resistance flame retardant tube ,high temperature sleeve ect.