Before I come here to work, I know nothing about heat shrinkable tubing.So I want to talk about my understanding of heat shrink tubing.
The rise of heat shrinkable tubing is produced in the 1950 s,the engineers in Raychem Corporation invented heat shrink tubing.From that on, heat shrink tubing has been generally used in many fields such as automotive,military,aircraft,motorcycling and so on.
Heat shrink tubing is a type of plastic tubing whose diameter shrinks when it is heated. The materials used to make heat shrink tubing vary, but include complex polymers and similar materials. Heat shrink tubing is most commonly used in electrical applications in order to protect, insulate, or repair wires, terminals, and other types of electrical connections. It extends the life of these items and ensures their good performance.
Of course ,What most accounts is its shrink ratio.Shrink ratio is the diameter rate between before and after When it’s heated .Heat Shrink Tubing has different shrink ratios such as 2:1,3:1.You can choose fitable shrink ratio according to the wire you want to protect.
Accordingly, If you want to use the goods more effectively and longer ,you can try this product.