Heat shrink tubing also can be called heat shirnkable sleeve.and it is  flame-retardants,flexible,resistant to many chemicals.

The main material decides main performance of heat shrink tubing, when we metion tubing material. Actually there  are ones like Polyolefin, Silicone Rubber, PTFE, Polyvinylidene Fluoride(PVDF), Fluoroelastomer(Viton), PVC etc.

 heat shrink tubing

Shrinkable tubing are widely used in Energy, Electronic, Automotive, Communications, Military, and building. They can offer effective insulation and protection to the functional parts, components and systems.

Differnet heat shrink tubings ,different application. But All the heat shrink tuibngs has one similar property,Which is that they all can be insulation and protection whatever needs to be sealed such as the cable ,wire joint ect.