Today , I found a photo in my mobile phone . It is took last year when we dine together .

You can see all of the members of our sales department . We work together , help each other , and growing together .

We have parties every month , of cause our company pay for it .

I still remember , I even did not know what is heat shrink tubing when I joined in Dicore . Our colleagues introduced products for me so patiently , what is single wall heat shrink tubing , what is dual wall heat shrink tubing and so on . Now , it is my turn to do the same thing for new guys . Thanks for all my colleagues .

dine together - barbecue

dine together – barbecue

Dear customers , if you come to China in the future , please come to our company . You can taste Chinese Barbecue , must some difference from your countries . You can also sing karaoke with us , but your nerves must be strong , nobody sing well , we just relax ourselves , ha ha .

We work serious , happy living , the most important , we are professional produce heat shrink tubing manufacture .