When heating heat shrink tubing, sometimes accidental situation will come out such as heat shrink tubing dehisce , So through analyzing ,the reasons of heat shrink tubing  dehisce are as below.

1:Partial overheating by high temperature, heating time is too long, lead to carbonization. (open flame operation, first the carbonization, then cracking) operation problem ect, and this is more likely to lead the dehisce

2:there are gaps  at the cutting point, fracture extension during heating (especially higher shrinkage ratio of tube) processing method problem. This is unlikely.

3:  Quality problem of heat shrink tube,this is the most likely reason.

4:  if there is a sharp foreign body in heat shrink tube, the tube may be cut in the process of heating. Of course, there is a little ratio to occur.

5:  heat shrink tubing selection problem. For example, It should have use diameter 1.8mm, but using 1.6mm. This problem can be absolutely avoided in choosing heat shrink tube.

heat shrink tubing dehisce (not)

suitable heat shrink tubing effection

 Generally, heat shrink tube will not dehisce when heated. And Dicore heat shrink products are all quality guaranteed, And we have an excellent and professional sales team, So assurely we can choose the best suitable tube for you. More relevant information,pls get in touch with me.