Welcome Chile customers to visit our factory , he want to know more about the production process of heat shrink tubing .


Our Dicore factory is located in the beautiful town of Dongguan Dan row which set up in building C,ShengYaoTechnology Park,Chichong Cross Road,Shipai Town,DongGuan ,China. We focus on producing heat shrink tubing for 14 years .


They are our new customer that first came to China.Our sales representative Jing Tian and manager Liu drove from ShenZhen to DongGuan for take our dear customers!


Customers from thousands of miles away across a southwestern Pacific South America came to China was laborious.


We deeply know that if foreign customers need to visit the company and factory , general order to clinch a deal the odds is very big, so everyone attaches great importance to foreign customers visit. Customer is also considered a very accord with their conditions after the overall strength of our company before decide to prepare cooperation with our company’s.


JingTian had arrange a schedule who is prudential and organize before customers was coming.Customer visited our factory. When they see the advanced machine and equipment, professional and technical personnel, quick and smooth  production line. Customers highly praised our production!

Manage Liu drove client back to the hotel. The day was happy ending.

Welcome Chile customer to visit our factory again!