Many customers received heat shrink tubing , it is flat , so when they order heat shrink tube , they will just tell us the flat width of heat shrink tubing , but ordinary manufacturers will just ask which inner diameter do you need ! Of cause , we will convert into inner diameter when we get the flat width for customers .

You can also convert the flat width into inner diameter yourself , it is very easy : ineer diameter x 3.14 / 2 = inner flat width .

For example :

The heat shrink tubing in the picture below , flat width is 18mm , so out diameter will be 18×2/3.14=11.5mm , minus the thickness of the wall , inner diameter will be about 11mm , it is the heat shrink tubing you need .















The product in the picture is Halogen free heat shrink tubing (HHST) , we can provide you all kind of color you need , some color will require bigger MOQ , and size from 0.8mm to 250mm .If you want to know the specifics , please visit the website below

Halogen Free Heat Shrink Tubing

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