Heat shrink tubing is expandable, shrinkable plastic tubing that is designed to shrink when heated.

This tubing can be used to provide sealing, termination, identification, insulation, and strain relief for cables. Of course ,heat shrink tube also can pretect the wire from many things such as dust ,water and other materials that will harm the wires.Though commonly made from polyolefin, special applications may call for tubing made from PVDF, PTFE  or Viton and so on.

Therefore,heat shrink tube plays a important role in electrics,electronics,communications and electromechanics.

As mentioned ,heat shrink tube is made of many differnet materials, so it has many different types:high termperature ,high voltage ,thin wall ,heavy wall and so on.

Also Heat shrink tube has many advantages such as easy installation,good insulation,abrasion resistance.

When using the tubing ,you just need a heat gun which can heat the tubing to make it shrink.By the way ,sometimes the hair-dryer is OK.When having no heat gun by your side,you can use the hair-dryer to replace the heat gun.Nevertheless,the special heat gun is most suitable for the heat shrink tube,it can make the tubing shrink more effectively and more thoroughly.

Heat shrinkable tubing is superior to other common tube in insulation. You can use it more safely and more comfortablely.The tubing can be utilized in all-weather day .

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