Heat shrink tube sleeving are widely use in harness industry chain

Automotive wiring harness is with insulator or metal shell,  so as to form an assembly connectoed. DICORE heat shrink tube sleeving are widely use in harness industry chain, including wire and cable, connectors insulation and protective. Heat shrink there are many types and widely used automobiles,household appliances, computers and communications equipment, electronic instruments and others.

 1. Heat shrink crimp butt connector DHSCS

DICORE DHSCS made of polyolefin, with high quality adhesive lining for excellent protecting wire splices from water, condensation, salt, and corrosion. It is completely insulates and protects wire connections. Most use for automotive/truck wiring repair and fleet maintenace, wire harness fabrication.

heat shrinkable wire joiners use for wire protector

wire crimp sleeve


2. Adhesive heat shrink sleeve DHST


DICORE DHST is made by co extrusion of polyolefin and excellent hot melt adhesive. Most use for protectable bundles wires and metal tubes against water and moisture.

Heat shrink tubing with hot melt

Adhesive lined shrink sleeve


3. Thin wall heat shrink tubing HHST

DICORE HHST there are various customers in the worldwide, there are Black, red, yellow, blue, white, green an other colors, it is flexible, fast shrinkin and flame retardant.

heat ishrink nsulation tube

wire harness components


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